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One of the essential things needed to maintain an attractive and healthy garden or backyard is topsoil. It contains all the necessary nutrients and minerals for plantings to thrive. If the topsoil quality is not up to the mark, your plants and flowers will not be as healthy and vibrant as they should be.

Before installing any plants, you need to make sure that that the right topsoil mix is spread in the designated areas in your landscape. Whether you want to level some uneven ground spaces on your property or want to create fertile spots for flowering plants, we can help you with the best topsoil supplies.

Reliable Local Topsoil Supplier

We at RT.9 Hardscape Supply Yard, LLC are a leading operator in the hardscape products supply space since 1987. As a family-owned company, we understand the value of providing outstanding customer service and high-grade products at cost-effective pricing.

Our company is a sister company to the equally renowned RT 34 Landscape Supply Yard, and we serve the southern Monmouth and northern Ocean Counties. Good quality organic topsoil allows your gardens and backyards to flourish, and you can source any quantity of soil you need for your commercial or residential project.

Topsoil is the soil spread to a thickness of 6-10 inches in the area where plantings are to be installed. The higher organic matter content, better tilth, darker color and fungi, bacteria, and earthworm content, make it perfect for plant growth. Our topsoil is screened to remove debris. It means you get the ultimate quality organic topsoil for your yard.

Understanding What Organic Topsoil Is

Unlike what most believe, organic topsoil is not a material that is specially treated and created to be organic. It is well-balanced soil that contains the right mix of loam, silt, sand, clay, and compost. For topsoil to be considered an organic material, it should:

  • Be peat-free
  • Pass topsoil screeners
  • Be analyzed for foreign chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers
  • Have an organic content of approximately 2% to 9%.
  • Be enriched by soil conditioners like compost and rough sand.
  • Contain minimal amounts of stone or rock.
  • Should have a 6.5 to 7.2 pH range

The Effect on Your Garden

When you source all the topsoil you need from us, you are assured of quality. Most clients that are starting on landscaping projects also source the other materials they need, such as compost, garden soil, and fill-dirt from us.

Regardless of the quantity of topsoil you need for your project, we are the local landscape material suppliers than can fulfill those requirements. We cater to commercial clients that have large-scale requirements and residential clients that need topsoil for yards and gardens. If you want topsoil for lawns, flower beds, or even for planting trees, we can provide the best products in the quantities you need.

For any additional information about these materials, how to estimate quantities and request their delivery, feel free to contact RT.9 Hardscape Supply Yard, LLC at 732-845-3409. You can also send us your requests and queries through this Online Form, and one of our experts will call you to discuss your requirements.


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