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Stone Veneer in Howell, NJ

Stone Veneer, Howell, NJ

Natural stone has an undying appeal and is used in various landscaping features. While natural stone is extremely resilient, versatile, and durable, these materials are generally more expensive than concrete and brick. It is also why several people opt for concrete walls rather than ones made of stone. However, plain, and untreated concrete has a very dull and grey look. The one way to improve the appearance of a concrete wall or any of the concrete feature is to get stone veneer affixed on the surfaces.

Hardscapes are an integral aspect of every landscape project, big and small. Whether you are getting a residential or commercial landscape designed and installed, you need to ensure that skilled and expert contractors are handling the job. What is equally important is that you choose good quality materials for the project and this is where companies like Rt 9 Hardscape Supply Yard in Howell, NJ, come into the picture.

Types of Veneers

Companies such as these can provide you with a variety of hardscaping materials such as pavers, natural stone, precast stone, fireplace kits and more. They cater to customers across Georgia and can supply the stone veneer you need. There are several different types of veneers available such as:

  • Stone Veneer Cladding - This medium can be used on various features. It emulates the appearance of natural stone and can be installed quickly and easily on concrete walls to alter their appearance. There are a few different types of stone veneer available and you can choose from materials such as granite, slate, bluestone, travertine, flagstone veneers etc.

    The installation of stone veneer cladding is quick and easy compared to natural stone construction. The materials are also exceptionally light compared to the latter which makes them ideal for spaces where you want a lighter load. These units can also be used to clad concrete fireplaces or fire pits.

  • Natural Stone Veneer Panels - Certain landscape projects demand a different look. When larger walls or concrete barriers need to be covered with veneer, natural stone veneer panels can be used. These units are considerably larger in size in comparison to regular units.

Stone Veneers for Landscapes

Regardless of whether you want to clad just a freestanding retaining wall or need much larger areas covered with veneer, it is important that you opt for high-quality products. When you are looking for top quality stone veneer, Belgard is one of the first brands that comes to mind.

Not only are these products extremely strong, durable, and attractive, but they are extremely cost-effective as well. Since there are many products to choose from. It is a good idea to get some advice and guidance from experts that supply these products.

You can source the types of stone veneer you want for your landscaping project, from companies like Rt 9 Hardscape Supply Yard in Howell, NJ. They are knowledgeable and will provide you with all the information you need about the different types of stone veneer, to help you make a better-informed decision.

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