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When winter approaches, many people begin to search for good firewood supplies. They want to be sure that they will get a steady supply of firewood through the dull and dreary winter months.

We at RT.9 Hardscape Supply Yard, LLC are a front-running operator in the hardscape products supply space since 1987. In addition to various landscape and hardscape materials, we also supply firewood to commercial and residential clients. As a family-owned company, we understand the value of providing outstanding customer service and high-grade products at cost-effective pricing.

We stock abundant supplies of firewood and have a significant number of regular customers that source it from us each year. Our company is a sister company to the equally renowned RT 34 Landscape Supply Yard, and we serve the southern Monmouth and northern Ocean Counties. No matter what quantity of firewood you need, we are the company that can deliver it to you.

Types of Firewood

We carry different types of firewood, such as:

  • Seasoned firewood
  • Half cord
  • Full cord

We can supply firewood you want in the quantity that you need. We have stacks of wood ready for pickup and deliveries as well. Simply call us with your specific firewood requirement, and we will deliver it to your location within the shortest possible time.

Why Source Firewood from us?

  • Our seasoned firewood burns hotter, produces a good amount of heat, keeping your house warm as well as your chimneys cleaner.
  • The half cordwood we stock is easy to light, and you will not have to spend time struggling to get the fire started.
  • We also supply split and seasoned firewood that is perfect for residential use. You can get it in multiples of half cords.

Reliable and Accurate Firewood Quantities

We are the retail and bulk firewood suppliers you can rely on. When it comes to buying firewood, you might wonder how much firewood a cord has. If you have ever sourced firewood from a less reputable supplier, you may have realized that some of them attempt to pass off half cords and full cords.

It is not difficult for uninformed customers to find that these unscrupulous firewood delivery companies have taken advantage of them. But when you choose to buy half cord or full cord firewood from us, you know that you are dealing with reliable and honest local firewood suppliers. With us, what you pay for is what you get. Here is some information that will help.

  • A cord equals a cut wood collection (4ft. high X 4ft. Wide X 8ft. long) and amounts to 128 cubic feet.
  • This produces a half cord (4ft. high X 4ft. X wide X 4ft. long)

Affordable Firewood Supplies

We make sure that the firewood is stacked with the individual pieces parallel and touching each other, so the stack has as few gaps as possible and is compact for pickup as well as storage at your location. When you source firewood from us, you can be sure that each order has the same amount of firewood in a cord as per the law.

If you want seasoned firewood, we can provide the best products in the quantities you need. For any more information about these materials, how to estimate quantities and request their delivery, feel free to contact RT.9 Hardscape Supply Yard, LLC at 732-845-3409. You can also send us your requests and queries through this Online Form, and one of our experts will call you to discuss your requirements.



Seasoned firewood

Half cord

Full cord

Pick up or delivered and stacks of wood for pick up as well.

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